How To Use A Shoe Horn To Make Life Easier

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Do you know how to use a shoe horn? If you have trouble putting on your shoes, you probably need some tips on how to make life easier. If you know how to use a shoe horn right, you can do just that.

No more bending over and fighting to put on your shoes, only to get your finger stuck in the back. Now, you can just slide your feet right in and go.

You can purchase those very expensive shoes and not worry about damaging them right after the first time wearing them.

What Is a Shoe Horn?

Before we tell you how to use a shoe horn, you may be wondering exactly what it is. A shoe horn is an object that has a curve towards the end. The curve at the end looks like a spoon; it is there to cup your heel, and to make it easier for you to slide your foot into your shoe.

The product comes in different sizes, and some have holes on the end and even come with a string.

What a shoe horn is made of

Many companies make shoe horns using different types of materials, but the old school ones are made from animal hooves and horns. Some companies make show horns with glass. The most commonly used material to make shoe horn now is metal, plastic, stainless steel, and wood.

Check out the video below of a shoe horn made out of animal horns:

History of the Shoe Horn

Shoe horns were also known as shoe spoons or shoeing horns. There is not an exact date of when the shoe horn was invented, but it is believed to be sometime in the 15th century.

History shows that only the rich could afford shoe horns back in the day. The rich had shoes made for them that were tight, and they would need some assistance with putting them on. The shoe horn was also made with silver and ivory for the rich. When a parent died, they would leave their shoe horns to their children.

As for the poor people, they wore shoes like clogs or went barefoot, as they could not afford to buy a shoe horn.

That, of course, has changed and now nearly everyone can afford to buy a shoe horn.

Nowadays, those who need help putting on their shoes only need to purchase a shoe horn online and they are good to go.

Also, when you spend a lot of money on your shoes, you do not want to ruin them so fast. Using a shoe horn can help your shoes stay in excellent condition.

Instead of struggling to put on that shoe, why not try a shoe horn and make your life just a little bit easier.

How to Use a Shoe Horn

Have you been wondering how to use a shoe horn? It is pretty straightforward.

If you have a short handle shoe horn, you need to sit down. Place your shoe in position and place the shoe horn inside the shoe at the heel end.

Keep a tight grip on the shoe horn, put your toes inside the shoe, and slide your heel down the shoe horn.

That's it, I know it is very simple and will help you with all that pain of bending over.

If you have a long shoe horn, you use the same steps of how to use a shoe horn, but with a long one, you can stand up. That makes getting ready much faster and less of a struggle of trying to get back up out of the chair.

Below is a short video on how easy it is to use a shoe horn.

We hope it helps you understand how to use a shoe horn:

Do You Need a Shoe Horn?

Have you ever wondered if you need a shoe horn and if it is worth buying? Well, if you are having any trouble with getting your shoe on then, you probably do.

Many different people can benefit from using a shoe horn. Below we have listed just a few of people that should own a shoe horn.

A little one on the way?

We all know when being pregnant, you may have trouble doing many things that you usually do. With all the extra weight you are carrying, your back could be hurting. Having to bend over to put those shoes on will just make matters worst. Plus, sometimes your feet will swell and make it almost impossible to put your feet inside your shoe.

When I was pregnant, I would get light headed every time I try to put on my shoes. Using a shoe horn would have helped me in so many ways.

The best shoe horn for pregnant women is a long handle one, so you will not have to bend over.

Getting up there in age?

Now, a shoe horn would be a great product for an older person to invest in. If you are still very active but your body is being a pain in the butt, a shoe horn may help make life easier.

This can also help you feel more independent, especially if you are sick and tired of asking your spouse or caregiver for help. We understand that you want to be able to do things on your own and not ask for help. So, being able to put on your shoes and not ask for help may make your day better. I know how much I loathe asking for help, so I'm right there with you.

Trouble moving the lower body 

Have you been in an accident or you were born with physical health problems that cause you not to be able to put on your shoes? Depending on your level of mobility, you may want to use a shoe horn.

Doing simple things, like putting on your shoes, helps you work out your muscles. So, if you are able to use a shoe horn, this will help you tremendously with getting better as you will learn to do things on your own again.

As for those of you that are unable to bend that far over then using a shoe horn will make it much easier to slip on those shoes.

Why a Shoe Horn Would Work for You

Knowing how to use a shoe horn can make putting on your shoes so much easier. Whether you are having trouble bending over or if you are tired of fighting with your shoes, using a shoe horn can make a big difference.

Everyone is different, and you may prefer a short shoe horn to a longer one. Either way, a shoe horn is a great project for everyone to use.

My father would use a shoe horn on all his boots and church shoes. He would always make sure to use it because he did not want to ruin his shoes. He also was a man that never asked for help, so he always had to put on his own shoes. As he got older, he used it with all his shoes, and I never heard him complain about putting on his shoes.

With that being said, using a shoe horn can make you feel independent and make things easier for you.

Have you ever used a shoe horn? Let us know how it worked for you in the comment section below.

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