The Best Foot Spa: The Top Options To Help You Relax

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My first job was in the deli of a local grocery store, and I was on my feet all day long. Being young and eager, I would often try to cover for my colleagues as a means to gain more hours, but sometimes that meant working a double-shift. Needless to say, had I had the best foot spa, my life would have been a lot better.

Some jobs simply require people to be on their feet all day, and it can take a toll on your happiness and even your health.

The best foot spa will not only help you unwind by soothing pain after a hard day's work. But it can also help with medical issues like arthritis pain.

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How The Best Foot Spa Helps Calm And Relax You

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The best foot spa essentially acts as a replacement for a masseuse. Instead of getting a foot massage from a professional, the best foot spa uses motorized rollers and warm water to soothe the pain.

In the long run, if you suffer chronic foot pain, it’s much cheaper to get one of the best foot spa products. The alternative is spending heaps of money on a professional masseuse.

Understanding Different Types Of Foot Spas

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There are two different types of best foot spa products on the market. The first is simply a static tub, which is sometimes collapsible and doesn’t have any moving parts. The second is a high-end solution equipped with rollers, water jets, and more.

The best foot spa products below include both types.

​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

​If you’ve never used one of the best foot spa models, it’s natural to have some questions.

​1. How often should I use a foot spa?

​2. Are all foot spas heated?

​3. Do all of the best foot spa products come with a pumice stone?

​4. Do all foot spas have water jets?

​5. How hot do the best foot spa products heat water?

How We Reviewed

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To draw comparisons between the best foot spa products, we reviewed actual customer reviews and comments on Amazon.

Furthermore, please note that the products listed are in no particular order.

Introducing The Best Foot Spa Products

​Finding the best foot spa depends somewhat on your preference and budget. To accommodate varying tastes and budgets, the best foot spa products below are varied and diverse.

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​The first best foot spa, the ​Arealer, is a six-in-one model with different modes. The modes have varying combinations of bubbles, automatic rollers, heating, timing, and heat preservation too.

And in addition to automatic rollers, this product also has a footstone massage feature.

Note that this candidate of the best foot spa can submerge feet as deep as 16 inches. Plus, the heater raises water temperature within a range of 95 and 118 degrees, and you can freely adjust the temperature.

And though not all of the best foot spa products include an internal chamber for bath salt, this model does.

Naturally, this model has passed the FDA, CE, and ROHS certifications, and the manufacturer provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Positive reviews commented that it promoted blood circulation and that it helped them to relax. One negative review, on the other hand, claimed that the blue rollers left blisters on the bottom of their feet.

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ACEVIVI manufactures the next best foot spa, and it has three different massage modes. Naturally, it has a heater and automatic motorized rollers to help soothe aches after being on your feet too long.

The manufacturer claims that this product helps with blood circulation too. And the manufacturer goes so far as to say it can help to improve metabolism.

I found it interesting that in addition to the heater, this model also boasts an infra-red light sterilizer to kill bacteria. And like the previous model, this contender for best foot spa heats water between 95 and 118 degrees. And, of course, the temperature is adjustable, and you can set the massage time anywhere between 10 and 60 minutes.

A positive review from a waiter said it was the best foot massager and that they loved it. On the other end of the spectrum, one negative review said it was very uncomfortable and unstable.

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Esarora makes the next model contending for the title of the best foot spa. And this model is unlike the previous two models. We included this model with the other best foot spa products for one reason: affordability. It’s significantly cheaper than all of the other products, though also more straightforward.

This model doesn’t have any sophisticated features, rollers, heaters, or infra-red lights. It is essentially little more than a foot tub with a textured bottom on which you can massage your feet. Furthermore, the manufacturer claims it will help remove dead skin, corns, and calluses from your feet.

It had no negative reviews. Positive reviews commented that it was a great product at a low price and that it is sturdy and easy to use.

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ACEVIVI manufacturers yet another of the best foot spa products. The ACEVIVI Motorized Foot Spa does cost more than the average best foot spa, though it has significantly more features than the previous models.

In addition to shiatsu and heating therapy, it also stimulates the water with oxygen bubbles and frequency conversion to enhance blood circulation. The manufacturer claims that this model will not only improve metabolism but also squeeze toxins out of your body.

Furthermore, there is an internal compartment in which to put sea salt, medicine, or herbs.

And the manufacturer also claims that this model saves up to 30 percent more energy than its standard model.

Though a negative customer review complained of unusually slow shipping. On the other hand, positive customer reviews commented that it is an effective way to mitigate soreness.

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The next model on our best foot spa products list has many of the same features as the previous product, though it's almost half the price. Like most other models, it heats water within the range of 95 and 118 degrees as well.

Furthermore, it does have a bubble massage feature that stimulates the water with oxygen, as well as 11 miniature rollers for a kneading massage. However, do be aware that the rollers are not motorized.

And the LED display provides precise digital control over temperature and massage settings.

A positive reviews commented on the outstanding customer service and how good the rollers felt. Conversely, one negative review complained that water leaked through the bottom.

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Next up is a model that lies more towards the high end of the market, though it does have a lot of features. It has an auto-massage mode as well as a bubble oxygen-ozone feature. Furthermore, it has a light sterilization feature and a heater that warms water as high as 120 degrees.

We found it interesting that this model comes with a remote, because most models do not have that feature. It also has Tai Ji rollers and interchangeable pedicure attachments for comfort and relaxation.

A positive reviewers commented that they loved this product and that it was easy to clean. A negative review, unfortunately, claimed that the heating unit failed.

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The next of the best foot spa products is interesting for two reasons. Firstly, it’s priced more towards the inexpensive end of the spectrum. And secondly, it’s completely collapsible and foldable. However, because it’s collapsible, it lacks a lot of the fancier features like rollers, heaters, and bubbles.

This product more directly compares with the Esarora model, which was little more than a plastic foot tub. The manufacturer actually refers to this product as a foot basin instead of a tub or spa.

Nevertheless, it’s an inexpensive alternative to the higher-priced of the best foot spa products.

A top positive reviews were happy with how easily it folded and said that this product is very versatile. A leading negative review, on the other hand, said the exact opposite, and that the customer couldn’t fold it up neatly.

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The next model is very similar to the previous best foot spa product in that it’s collapsible and portable. We did find it noteworthy, however, that this model includes both spa bubbles and red light therapy, whereas the previous one did not.

But because this model has more features, it is significantly more expensive and priced more towards the middle of the market. And even though it doesn’t have an internal compartment for salt, you can still add it to the water manually on your own. Plus, we really liked that it has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

A positive customer review claimed this product is easy to use and that it keeps the water warm for a good 25 minutes or so. A negative review, conversely, complained they received a used one.

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MaxKare manufactures the next model, which has its own internal heater to warm water and reduce soreness. And like most other models, this one has a bubbling feature as well as a vibration feature, which I haven’t seen on most other models.

Nevertheless, though it does have a vibration feature, it does not have any rollers. However, it does have acu-nodes to apply pressure to acupoints on the soles, and a removable medicine box.

The manufacturers designed it with an ergonomic shape and edges that prevent water from splashing.

Leading positive reviews said this model was easy to use a very therapeutic. A negative customer review, however, claimed this model was overpriced.

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Last, but not least, is the Ivation model, which the manufacturer claims is excellent for athletes and people who work on their feet. This model also includes a vibrating feature to soothe weary feet, and it has motorized rollers to decrease soreness.

Additionally, it has water jets to create thousands of bubbles. It doesn’t have an internal compartment for salt and oils, though you can add them manually. It does have a heater took, and we found it interesting that it heats water at a higher temperature than most other models. This model heats water to 122 degrees.

A leading negative customer review said thaat their model leaked water. On a more positive note, a nurse claimed this model was easy and fast to set up and clean up.

Easing Into The Best Foot Spa That’s Right For You

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The most basic of the best foot spa products are little more than a warm water reservoir designed for your feet, though they are inexpensive. Nevertheless, there are affordable options that have extra features like water jets, rollers, and heaters.

Your choice may possibly come down to which model best fits your budget.

Have you purchased a foot spa? What features do you think are most important for relieving foot pain? Tell us about your favorite foot spa in the comments below.


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